Thursday, May 13, 2021

Yes, There Definitely Was a Reason!

 I just reread my post There Is A Reason. You know how sometimes you think you have it all figured out, and then when you review what you were thinking a couple of years later, you are thinking, "What was I THINKING?" 

I know, too many "think's" in that sentence. 

Guess what? Project is finished, and it is right on! It is everything I hoped for and more. So lovely to have all of the space. My kitchen is a joy to work in. I'm looking at getting a new stove with steam in the ovens. Right now, my arms are covered with steam burns from pouring hot water into pans to get a nice crust on my loaves. The new stove is EXACTLY like the existing one, except it has water plumbed into both ovens. Push a button and get steam. It's also good for making juicy roasts, but mostly I am excited about even better bread. My little home bakery is now doing between 15 and 20 loaves a week, plus other things lest I get bored with all bread. I made Einkorn muffins last week. Learned to make Welsh cakes a couple of months ago. Did chocolate bunnies (cute little molds!) using a Swedish chocolate sourdough coffeecake batter for Easter. 

I will be 80 in July, still feeling good, loving to bake. Yes, I am slowing down a bit, mowing has become a one day job (two hours to mow, four hours to nap!), the greenhouse is behind. But life is good, and I am definitely not bored.

My antique desk is set up in the new library, the addition off the living room, where I can watch the river flow by and see the ducks and geese raising cane in the yard down by the river.

Well, time to close up shop at the market. Slow day. Time for a little reflection, and a blog.

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