Sunday, October 12, 2014

Good news from the Farmers Market restaurant!

I was a harsh critic of the restaurant food since we had a change in management.  I will not review what I didn't like about it - once said is enough.

In defense of the new management, Michele got thrown in the deep end.  Mistakes were made, customer left, some never to return. But everyone deserves a second chance, and I have been watching the food improve over time.

The other day I ordered the quiche.  Much to my surprise and delight, it was delicious!  The plate was appealing, lined with a big piece of deep fried kale (a little hard to eat but worth the mess it made).  The potato sticks were crisp.  The price was fair.  Now on to the star of the plate.

I used to have a restaurant.  We were famous for our quiche, and I know first hand that it is not always the easiest thing to get right.  This quiche was spot on!  The filling included apples and sausage, and the egg custard was just right, not overcooked, not undercooked.  As Goldie Locks would say, it was JUST right!

I enjoyed every bite of it.  Give the restaurant another chance.  Come on back!  I will be posting other delightful dishes in the future. Keep learning, Michele.  We do appreciate your efforts!!

Farmers Market apple and sausage quiche with sides of potatoes and kale