Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's hot!!

I was sure I wouldn't complain about the heat after the long, bitterly cold winter we just went through.  I have no rainfall on my chart for April because everything in April came down as SNOW!  I saw snow flurries in the middle of May.  So I was ready for spring.  Yes, spring, not an immediate leap into summer!

I pretty much suffer in heat and humidity.  I can handle heat if the humidity isn't too high.  I can handle humidity if the temperature is 70º or below.  But when we have days like the last two, I suffer.  Memories of bad winter be damned!  I'm hot!!!

My air conditioner is down AGAIN!  Last three summers, repairman has been looking for a leak.  The cooling crisis is temporarily solved by pumping more stuff in it, but service calls are involved, and without finding the leak this is going to get more and more expensive.  So far it has been one trip per season, but it has never needed a refill this early.  This is bread baking day, so add the heat from my oven to the equation and you will get an idea of why I am bitching.

The repairman promised to be here early afternoon.  He said he is pretty sure the leak is in a joint.  Fine, well and good, so find it and fix it.  PLEASE!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Egg carton romance

People keep giving me egg cartons.  When they ask, I tell them I don't need any.  Some don't ask, and I find bags of them in the back seat of my car when I leave the market!  LOL  I truly believe that these things procreate - in the night there is egg carton sex, and a few days later there are even more.  My garage was looking pretty messy, and I finally organized the egg cartons yesterday when I got home from market. 

They are on a counter I use to put together my market baskets, so I really need to find a new home for them.  Anybody need any egg cartons?  

Egg cartons, anyone?

Sunday, May 18, 2014


A week ago some friends came out to look for morels.  They got about a dozen, asked if they could come back today.  I had time to go along today, although I am notoriously bad at spotting mushrooms.  We split into two groups.

I found the first one in our group.  Ken, who had never hunted for them before, found the next two.  There were five in our group, and we struck out from then on, decided to go across the river to the 15 acre wood and see what we could find there.  The others caught up with us and had two bags full!

Some were getting tired, so the other three generously shared what they found and we called it a day.  Patty and her mom are coming back on Wednesday.  I bake that day, but may find the time to go out for an hour or so in the midst of making bread and loading greenhouse plants into my car.

I have five big fat morels (or spongies, as we called them in Illinois) soaking in salt water.  I know what I'm having for lunch today.  :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Where was spring?

I am suffering from the heat already.  Thank goodness for air conditioning.  I do not do well in hot and humid weather, although a month ago I thought I would welcome it.  Nope, I am not welcoming it.

We went from snow in April to blistering hot temperatures, including a record breaker last week.  Argh!

It has been very, very, VERY dry out here.  We had about an inch of rain the whole month of April.  I finally broke out the sprinklers.  The guys set them up and took the hoses down to the garden.  Sunday after church I got them running and situated so that most of the garden got a good dose.  I watered for about six hours - and then the rain came.  Just thought I would let you know that I am the reason it rained.  In fact, my forecast says we are going to get a whole week of it.  Fine with me.  And after today (it's the last day for the temp to reach 80º for the next 10 days) it will gradually cool off.  Also, very much all right with me.

Well, enough kvetching about the weather - as if I didn't have anything better to do.  Back to balancing the checkbook.