Sunday, May 18, 2014


A week ago some friends came out to look for morels.  They got about a dozen, asked if they could come back today.  I had time to go along today, although I am notoriously bad at spotting mushrooms.  We split into two groups.

I found the first one in our group.  Ken, who had never hunted for them before, found the next two.  There were five in our group, and we struck out from then on, decided to go across the river to the 15 acre wood and see what we could find there.  The others caught up with us and had two bags full!

Some were getting tired, so the other three generously shared what they found and we called it a day.  Patty and her mom are coming back on Wednesday.  I bake that day, but may find the time to go out for an hour or so in the midst of making bread and loading greenhouse plants into my car.

I have five big fat morels (or spongies, as we called them in Illinois) soaking in salt water.  I know what I'm having for lunch today.  :)

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