Friday, October 1, 2010


My Baby Bear, who came into my life on December 21, 1994, left this plane this afternoon.  She was just a few weeks old when she was found in a ditch near my workplace, and she came with puppy breath and lots of fur.  When someone brought her inside to our Christmas party, I was instantly in love, and she came home with me that afternoon.

She has been failing for the past year or two, but still happy and doing okay. Finally, I could no longer deny that it was time. She slipped away at 3:30 this afternoon, in my arms, after bringing me nearly 16 years of joy.


  1. Always sweet and loving. She will be missed. My thoughts are with you tonight.

  2. You were so good to her Susan. You gave her a wonderful life. Thinking of you...

  3. oh . . . . sweet Bear will be missed. She was a doll.