Monday, July 11, 2011

New life!

Last night, Rosie, who is going on 12 years old, gave birth to a bull calf.  He is quite the stinker!  This morning he escaped and was two paddocks from mom.  I got them back together, then called Justin and Leifschon to see if they could come over and help me get him and mom to the nursing pen.

When they got here, they asked, "Where is the calf?"  Gone again!  Justin, Leifschon, their two kids Owen and Olivia and I all spent about a half hour looking for him.

I figured he would come back when he was hungry, but when Kayla got here at 1:00 and there was still no calf, I was getting worried enough to send her out to help me look.  I'm also making cheese and awaiting the delivery of a new piece of equipment (my birthday present from me to me, but that's for another blog), so between timers going off, I went down by the creek to look.

I called my friend Eric and asked if they could die from getting lost.  He said not likely, but it could happen.  He said not to worry for at least a couple of days.  I was just going back to tell Kayla to forget the calf and take care of some gardening business when she called out, "I found him!"  He was in a paddock that every one of us had walked through earlier this morning, tucked into some weeds.

Kayla and I got him in the golf cart and brought him to the nursing pen.  It felt so good to pet him, to kiss him.  He looks just like Lucky!  Life goes on . . .

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