Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Peep is back with the flock

Peep has been living in the atrium for a couple of days.  She flew out of her box last night and slept under the steps.  I put her back in the box this morning, but it was hopeless.  She spent the day in freedom, running around in the atrium.  It appears that she tried to eat a few leaves from the plants out there as well.

Tonight she was peeping - five peeps.  That as far as I can tell is a sign of agitation.  She wouldn't settle down.  Last night, when the sun went down she got quiet.  I attributed it to the natural light out there, the gradual darkening as the sun went down.

After listening to her distress, I picked her up and took her to the barn.  I put her in with the whole flock.  They didn't pay much attention to her.  No one abused her.  She seemed okay, back down to three peeps.

I just got back in the house from checking to make sure she was okay.  She was settling down for the night, in the heart of the group.  I think she will be okay.  She is small, but she is healthy and sturdy.  She is where she belongs.


  1. She continues to thrive. She is still about half the size of the others, but they accept her. She finally got all of her feathers on her head. People would look at her and think the others were picking on her, but they weren't - she was just very slow getting all of her feathers. She eats like a pig! If I don't see her right away when I go out to their yard, I always check the food troughs. Nine times out of ten, she is there, chowing down!