Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chick update

The third egg did not yield a chick.  And now one of the four due to hatch August 7 is gone.  So there is a chance for three more chicks in August.

This whole process is not something you do for profit - only for fun.  My friend Misty has a separate coop for brooding hens, and I can see why.  I am sure the percentage of chicks to eggs would be much greater under those circumstances. 

Last year, out of 21 eggs there were four chicks.  And three of those were roosters!  The value of those eggs was nearly $8, and I can buy a three-day-old pullet for $3.  Like I said, this is not for profit, just for fun.

I just came in from seeing the little ones again.  They are very tame and enjoy being held.  I'll be bringing them in the house and putting them in a box in the atrium very soon.  Right now, every time I put out some feed Goldie takes it, so I know they will have to be separated soon.  In the meantime, I am happy to see them cuddled under their mama's wings.

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