Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Modem problems

CenturyLink and I are best friends.  I call them about once a week.  This morning I couldn't get on internet.  Another half hour on the phone, and a technician who really knew her stuff. 

She walked me through resetting my modem.  I cannot believe how slick everything is working!  Well, I need to check emails.  I can see they are pouring in now that everything is working like it is supposed to.

Then back to the kitchen.  It is Purple Porch day, and I have a LOT of baking to do!  It seems that baking is my primary source of sales now.  Nice to know people like my bread and my brownies.  And I can't even eat them myself!  But I do love the smells in my house on Wednesdays.


  1. Hi there.
    Glad to hear things are finally working as they should. If there are still unresolved issues, feel free to send me an email here: or you can use this link:
    Make sure to include a link to this page for reference.

    @CenturyLink Help Team

  2. What a surprise to find that CenturyLink is trolling the internet to find comments about their service. Kinda nice to know. Even though it took a lot of calls and a lot of supposed fixes that didn't pan out, really, on March 13, the technician I spoke with had it right! :)