Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blessed rain!!!

Since June 30, my farm has gotten only 4.75" of rain, until last night, that is.

In July, rainfall totalled two inches, in August 2.75", and in September a big fat zero!  Pitiful!  Thank goodness we have 30 paddocks for the cows to graze on, so we made it through July and August with little affect on our milk production.  However, by September, every paddock had been grazed at least twice, and what grass was left was brown and crunchy. 

We got a shipment of hay yesterday - $875, that is what this drought is costing us.  But last night, the clouds opened.  I am about to head out to the rain gage in my pj's, since the TV report said rainfall is spotty, ranging from 0.16" in South Bend to nearly 2" in Valparaiso.  My farm falls between those two, so I am hoping for something closer to the higher number.  I'm off to the rain gage!

So just got back in the house - 7/8" of rain, and more to come.  The garden will love it, the grass will love it, the shareholders will love it.  Rain means more milk.  And the cows munched on fresh hay all day yesterday.  Life is good.

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