Friday, July 18, 2014

Here's to 30 years.

My son Jim and his wife Julie dated from the time he was a sophomore and she was a junior at LaSalle-Peru High School in Illinois.

They would have been married 30 years on July 21.  On Palm Sunday this year, Julie passed away from colon cancer.  It was swift and brutal.  We all miss her, but of course my son misses her the most.  He told me that when she died, he lost his best friend. 

I was worried about him being alone on Monday.  Not to be.  He invited all of the kids to come to the house.  They are going to Chicago over the weekend, then back home for a family dinner on Monday.  He told me they will toast their anniversary, "because we almost made it."  He said it was close enough to deserve a toast.

Happy Anniversary, Jim and Julie.  I love you both.