Friday, March 13, 2015

Update to my blog - a new mistake about to happen

I am clarifying the first paragraph only on my previous blog, based on information of which I just became aware when perusing the net for information on fat intake and health.  I spoke of Ancel Keys's chicanery in presenting data that led many to believe that eating saturated fat would lead to heart disease.

First, here is the link to the Raw Foods SOS blog (written by Denise Minger) that dealt with Keys, if you care to plow through a lot of data. The truth about Ancel Keys.  I swallowed the current conventional wisdom that Ancel Keys was mistaken in saying there was a correlation between fat consumption and heart disease.  HOWEVER . . .   If you take the time to read through this well-written blog, you will see that in fact there was a correlation between the two.  But remember that correlation is not causation.  And the blogger goes on to rip apart the methodology, including the data collection, concluding that we do not have to become vegans to be healthy, and in fact should not look to such a diet to improve health.   

What the author showed when combing through this data is that it focused only certain types of heart disease in looking for correlation.  When mortality rates were used (which to my mind is a pretty good way to measure overall health), in fact, those who ate more fat could expect to live LONGER.  Again, remember that correlation is not causation.  The author points out that countries whose population eat a lot of fat in general are more wealthy -- which means better healthcare, better food in general -- and so confounds any conclusions on the matter.

Enough said.  My apologies for not doing the diligence that the the writer of Raw Foods SOS did.  I appreciate her work.  Check out this blog!

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