Monday, December 5, 2016

Where did Holly go?

As many of you know who follow my blog, my cat, Holly Berry, doesn't like the new dog Figgy Pudding, a.k.a. Fred.

Holly loves Tashi. They often kiss. When Holly was a little kitty, she even let Tashi carry her around in her mouth. But Fred? It was hate at first sight. In fact, when he first joined the household she disappeared for days at a time, and I feared she was looking for a new home, one without Fred. But she always came back, in spite of frequent absences.

She has gotten much better. She now lives on the first floor of the house a good bit of the time, and she even has been spotted about half way up the stairs to the second floor. She will stay in the same room with Fred, sometimes for an hour or so. Sometimes if Fred looks at her - that is all it takes, just looking at her - she's off. But this morning she was in the Christmas Tree box and was enjoying it enough that she stayed put even when Fred got within a foot of the box, even when (gasp!) Fred looked at her!

I went down to the basement for another box of holiday stuff and found one of Holly's collars between a couple of boxes. I was pretty sure she had spent a little time back there, but I didn't realize how much time until I pulled out a box with holiday hand towels and candles. Everything was covered in white cat hair! No wonder I couldn't find her; she was living inside a box, not on top of it or behind it. Little rascal!

Some of the stuff had to go. It was beyond salvaging. Hand towels are in the wash. Runner - I don't want to wash it, hoping a pet hair roller will take care of it. Candles, some I was able to clean up with a damp paper towels. Some went into the trash.

Goofy cat! Gotta love her. Fred will celebrate a year with our family in a couple of months. I wonder if Holly Berry will be sleeping with us by then. Maybe?

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