Friday, May 14, 2010

The continuing saga of the raw milk wars

It was bound to happen.  The St. Joe Department of Health stopped at my booth at the Farmers Market and asked if I was selling raw milk.  I told her I was not.  She said she heard I was.  I told her we had an association that owned the cows.  She said, "Oh, you are one of THOSE!"

I said we most certainly were NOT one of those, that it wasn't just a sham to go through a loophole in the law, that we were wholly owned and operated by the shareholders.  I explained that I did not hold title to the cows, but was just a shareholder like everyone else.  I asked her if the person who complained about me had been forced to drink raw milk.  She said, "No."  I asked, "Then shouldn't she have just minded her own business?"  What was she trying to save me and the other shareholders from?  Good health, perhaps?

Then she said that I couldn't distribute it at the market anymore.  I asked why.  She said there was a law against distributing raw milk.  I asked her what that law was.  She couldn't give me any information about it.  I asked her for a copy of the law.  That was two or three weeks ago.  I am still waiting.  Our lawyer has checked on this.  There is no such law.  This is nothing more than intimidation.

When talking to this official at my booth, I recited my mantra.

Since 1992:

Deaths from raw milk  - 2
Deaths from radish sprouts - 3
Deaths from spinach - 5
Deaths from pasteurized milk - 620

At that point, I asked her why she wasn't at the local supermarkets trying to stop them from distributing those other "deadly" foods.  No answer of course.

Then I pointed out that since 1992, approximately 7,225,000 people have died from cigarette smoke.  I asked her why she was bothering me - seemed there were a lot bigger health issues out there.

I will give her credit for this - she said, "I guess I need to do some research."  Yes, she certainly does.

It will be interesting to see where this goes.


  1. In my book you are a saint. I have long run out of patience for do gooders that think they know what is best for me. Future generations will benefit and for that, A huge thank you!

  2. Give 'em hell Susan. There is NOTHING like the satisfaction that comes from knowing you law, having a good attorney and standing your ground. Some of the best personal empowerment possible in my book.