Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm back

My computer crashed - a bad one!  The operating system had to be reloaded, and anyone who has gone through that knows what that means.  All of my software had to be reloaded as well, my internet bookmarks are gone, all of my personal settings in programs had to be redone.  Outlook is really a bear to work with, and I estimate that it took about 15 hours in total to get it installed and running correctly.  Fortunately, all of my data was saved onto a different drive, so I was able to recover everything.  I use my email like a humongous filing cabinet, maybe not such a good idea, but very handy.

I am in the process of reloading my camera software as I write this so that I can upload some new pics, including one of our new little bull, Roscoe!

So you will be hearing from me again soon.  Here are a few things that I will be covering in the near future.

Small farmers - you will meet two families who have small spreads and are making the most of them.

Low carbohydrate diets - what has worked for me, and what might work for you.

Update on the raw milk wars in Indiana - I am meeting with several local Amish farmers this morning who are considering giving up their cow share programs due to harassment on the part of government officials who are "protecting" the health of their customers. 

Until next time - which will be soon.

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