Monday, August 23, 2010

Losing chicks

I am so sad.  I lost three Campine chicks yesterday.  I am not sure why, but I think it may have been because their waterers got filled with bedding and they couldn't really drink as much as they should have.  Two of them were caught in the fencing, and I wonder if they were trying to get out of the pen to find water.

I feel so bad!  If I had checked the waterers closely when I went out to the barn, I would have known, but I could see that they both still had water in them, and their food trays were full, so I just told them goodnight and didn't even go inside the pen.  I thought the waterers still had so much water in them because it had been a pretty cool day.

I noticed something unusual when I got the chicks.  The new little ones separated into two groups - the Buckeyes went right for the feed, and the Campines went right for the water.  So water must be very important for Campines, much more so than for other breeds.

Now I know.  It is hard to learn lessons at the expense of a little life.

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