Sunday, February 27, 2011

If it isn't one thing, it's another . . .

The chickens are laying well.  I'm buying a little less feed now that the snow is melting and they can forage more efficiently.

Pricey is doing quit well.  She is spending the days outside now, back in the barn at night.

I am a bit worried about Essie Mae.  She was born on Easter Sunday in the spring of 2009.  She is a beautiful heifer, perfectly shaped, and well behaved.  I'm afraid I should have separated her from the bull calf she was raised with.  Who knew that he was fertile?  Essie's udder is beginning to fill.  She can't be more than two or three week from freshening.  That means she will only be 23 months old when calving for the first time.  That's a little young.  The only thing that makes me think she will be okay is that Jack is obviously the sire, and he is small.  He has since gone to another herd for breeding.  All of the calves last year were out of Sam, the Guernsey bull.  But I am 99% sure that Essie was bred by Jack, not Sam.

The weather is not good.  I sure hope she waits at least another week or two.  Maybe the weather will be more consistently warm, 

I can only hope for the best, that she puts off freshening for a month, and that she doesn't have trouble giving birth because of her size. 

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