Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More pictures - wild birds

The birds are flocking to my feeders this year.  All of this snow!  I'm sure it is slim pickings for them as well as the deer.  There is always some spillage out by the Moop, and the birds are there cleaning up.  In addition, both of my feeders are getting cleaned out about every three days, much faster than usual.

I keep snapping pictures.  The cardinals are so beautiful - those flashes of red!  And there are blue jays, of course, the pigs!  And fat chickadees.  I haven't been able to snap a picture of the woodpecker yet.  He is a big one!  I think it is a pilleated woodpecker.  Hoping to get a photo of him to pass on, but he is fleeting.  I've also seen some red-bellied woodpeckers, but they are pretty hard to capture with the camera.

Here are the best of the pics I've gotten this week.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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