Saturday, April 23, 2011


When I got home from market, there were three little chicks in the nest!  When I filled the feed troughs, mother jumped out of nest for some refreshments.  There were two yellow chicks, and one obvious Campine chick.  The Campine was making the most noise - of course!

While mama was having a snack, the three little chicks were unhappy.  I went to the feed bin to get another scoop of grain and when I came back, there was the little Campine running around on the floor of the Moop.  These chicks hatched in the top row of nests, about three or four feet off the floor!  So this little Campine hopped out looking for mom and was running around frantically, yelling at the top of its lungs!  Yup, that's a Campine for you!   I just love those little birds more every day.  Truly a unique breed.  Hard workers, busy all the time, very chatty, and Campine give you the most eggs for your feed of any breed out there!  It makes it all worthwhile that they hide eggs, roost 20' up in trees and get in my garage at every opportunity.  They are unique and loveable.

Enjoy the pics!

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