Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mama Hen

The littlest chick, the one I thought might not make it, is up and running around.  In fact, all three of them tried to jump out of that nest this morning when Mama went for breakfast.  The Campine slipped through my hand and ended up on the floor again.  He/she is dark and found it easier to escape.  I didn't even see it jump!  But even the tiniest of the three nearly jumped to the floor.  Well, I took care of that -- Mama Hen and the three chicks, plus the remaining unhatched five eggs, are safely ensconced in a heavy box on the floor of the Moop.  The little chicks are coming out from under Mom to eat grain and drink a bit of water.  They are so cute to watch!

I am hoping that a few more of the eggs will hatch.  Mama is setting, so there is no reason why they shouldn't.  I just don't remember how many days went by before I started marking eggs and pulling out the newest ones, so I have no idea when the last of the eggs would be ready to hatch.  The other hen abandoned her nest, leaving all 11 eggs.  It was too cold, I don't have an incubator, so they could not have survived and went to the compost pile.  With water and food in the box, Mama isn't leaving anymore.  And oh, is she protective!  She will drive away any other hen who gets close!!

I will have more pictures soon.

Wasn't this a great Easter present?  And this morning, every tree in my orchard was budded out.  Happy Easter!

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