Sunday, October 9, 2011

So much happening . . .

As I wander around here, moving from task to task, I think of a hundred things to write about.  But I am so busy that it just doesn't happen!

I did take a couple of pics during the last week.  After I ate the fifth and final apple from my two apple trees, which finally bore, my very first, never sprayed and all five totally without worms, I realized that I didn't get a picture of the trees with the apples hanging there, or even of one pristine apple!  So here's my apple photo.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

My life seems to revolve around food.  Well, I guess that would be normal for a farmer, hey?  Do you remember the pics of the little chicks that hatched out last spring?  The fluffy yellow one is named Goldie, and out of four, she is the only pullet, the only one that will lay eggs.  She is beautiful.  The only parentage she could have would be a Campine mother and Buff Orpington father.  I wouldn't mind more like her.  She is very calm, still likes to sit on my lap, and she is quite beautiful.  She started laying about a week ago, nice sized light brown eggs. 
Goldie high-stepping it!

Her pullet egg is on the left.

Here are a couple of eggs.  The smaller one is hers, but you can see that it is nearly as big as the other.

Well, I'm off to bed.  I'll be canning the last of the tomatoes tomorrow, and I can only say that I am happy for the hard frost that took out all of the plants except three or four behind the house.  I am frankly tired of tomatoes.  Remind me of that in February.

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