Friday, March 23, 2012

Crazy Campines!

Well, the Campines have found a new place to hide their eggs.  There is an old tote filled with twine - as he opens a bale of clover hay to feed the cows, the milker makes an effort to throw the twine into the tote.  Sometimes he makes it.  The tote is about half full of twine.

One of the milkers moved the tote to sit on top of a box with our new power washer in it.  The other night when they brought Sugar Pie into the barn to take care of her, Mike found four eggs in the pile of twine.  So I have been checking the box daily.  There is an egg or two or three every day.

Today I went out to check the new little chicks and walked over to the box to check for eggs. I don't know who was the most surprised, me or the hen I disturbed!  It is pretty dark in the barn and I didn't even see her.  I reached into the box to search for eggs and hit a bunch of warm feathers - attached to a very indignant chicken!  She went flying out, and I found two nice, warm eggs in the twine. 

The Campines are such funny little chickens.  They just don't like to follow the rules.  Maybe that is why I like them so much.

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