Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sad news

Sugar Pie, who is out of Smarty Pants and was born two years ago on the farm, gave birth to her first calf last night.  It was a hard birth.  I called five vets before I could get some help out here.  Mike, his son Thomas (they are milkers), and two neighbors, Eric and Ted, did their best to get the calf out, but it took until the vet got here to turn the calf's head to remove her.

Vet said it might not have made any difference, but perhaps he could have saved the calf if he had gotten here sooner.  The calf did not make it, but Sugar Pie is doing well.

I really liked this vet.  We do need a better backup vet, and I now have him on my list.  Wish I had known about this vet earlier.  Maybe we could have saved the calf, and I know it would have been a lot easier on Sugar Pie if the vet had been here sooner.

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