Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Squash run amok

On Monday, I went back to Illinois to have lunch with my cousin Bess.  We were born six days apart (she's older!!!) and we have begun setting aside some time to get together, farm, grandchildren and all else that takes up our time forgotten for a day.

We met at the Igloo, an institution that is dear to many generations of people from the LaSalle-Peru area of north central Illinois.  Of course, we had porks.  I didn't have the buns - low carb, you know.  I did scarf down the crispy breading however.

I also stopped to see my 95 year old Auntie Vey (I'm named after her), and another cousin, her daughter Alice stopped by.  So we got to talking and looking at pictures, and I got home pretty late, sun was almost down.  I had to get green beans picked.  They don't like to be picked with morning dew on the plants - they are very prone to getting rust.  So I picked until I couldn't see anymore and called it a day.

The next morning, I had to prepare six market baskets for my CSA.  I dashed through the garden and was pretty sure I got all of the summer squash that were ready.  There were plenty of cukes, too.  By the time I added a bunch of kale to every basket, I had plenty and so I left the garden.

When I got home last night, I was tired and figured I would just finish the picking this morning.  Just got back from the garden.  The squash fairy obviously visited last night.  I could swear I got all of the squash yesterday morning, but what do you think?

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