Friday, August 3, 2012

The new chick

The chick that was injured at birth didn't make it.  The remaining chick is healthy.  It too fell out (or jumped out) of the nest at birth, but was running around on the floor. I immediately put chick and mom in a box with VERY deep sides. 

Today when I got home, mother and chick were running around the chicken yard!  They had run out of water, so my guess is they went looking for more.  I have no idea how that chick could have gotten out of the box - unless, of course, it is a Campine.  Only a Campine, barely a week old with wings that are not even 2" long could pull off getting out of a box that is at least 15" deep!  Yup, I am quite convinced I have a full-blooded Campine, which makes me very happy.  I hope it is a pullet, but I'll take another rooster.  Buster and Tiny could use some company.

I will get pictures soon.  Just so busy with the garden right now!  It is in full swing.  Picking took a good two hours this afternoon, and the bins are overflowing with cukes, zukes, peppers (both sweet and hot), melons and tomatoes.  The people in my CSA are going to be very happy indeed with their boxes of produce tomorrow!!

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