Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bob the Bird

Bob the Bird is finally adjusting.  He is getting so noisy that sometimes I wonder why I wanted him to sing!  He warbles, talks, but no real words yet.  But I think it will happen soon.

He has all kinds of toys in his cage, which he totally ignored until this week.  All of a sudden, he is hopping up and down his ladder, and  he has begun swinging on his trapeze, once a day for the last two days.

He also answers me when I come home and call out, "Hi, Bob!"  There used to be silence.  The only way I could get him to start singing and talking was to play a Christmas record - Pete King Chorale singing some of my favorites, and apparently Bob's favorites too. 

I just love this little guy.  Here is a picture of him sitting on his trapeze.  You go, Bob the Bird!!

Bob the Bird on trapeze
Bob the Bird - profile shot

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