Monday, May 27, 2013

Many hands make light work - sort of!

I cannot believe what the crew has accomplished around here!  The garden is nearly completely planted - or anyway we have done as much as we can for the time being.  Now we must just wait on Mother Nature.  There are a few more rows of stuff to plant.  I like to wait with beans, as they really do like warm soil.  And I always plant tomatoes and peppers the first week of June, after all chances of frost are past. 

The experiment with the potatoes is still just an experiment.  They went in very late.  Androo is focusing Adam's and Clay's efforts on them - keeping them clean, hilling them and hopefully getting a good harvest - for a good return on our investment in time and organic seed potatoes!

We still have a little old fencing to clear up, and I'm hoping we can move the beef cattle to the new paddocks on Friday.  We need to get them on some new ground.   They have eaten up almost everything available in the south-most paddocks and it is time to get them out of there.

I had a pretty slow day today, took it easy.  Was supposed to go to a picnic in my new neighborhood, but it got canceled due to the rain.  So even though I missed being with my new neighbors, I am very thankful for the rain.  It is making the grass grow, something every farmer using rotational grazing loves to see.

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