Monday, May 13, 2013

Some days turn out better than you expect.

Life has been pretty hectic lately.  Steve has quit the partnership.  Enough said.

Thank goodness for a couple of very good new milkers.  Krystal is taking over in the greenhouse and much of the garden in addition to milking twice a day, eight days out of 14.

I called Androo, who has worked here for five years but quit to go back to school full time, and left a message on his voice mail that I was crying - for him to come back!  Oh, Androo, I said, I need you!  He called me back a couple of hours later to tell me he was available for up to 16 hours per week, as a job he didn't like had not panned out, and so he had another that afforded him more time for a few hours with me at the farm.  He started on Friday, and the results are just short of miraculous.  Lettuce is in, radishes are in, he started on the onions that were sprouted in the greenhouse.  Krystal carried on with the onions today.  It is starting to look like a garden. Good news.

I managed to move the Highlands to a fresh pasture today, all by myself.  I was a little nervous about doing it alone.  They must be feeling more at home here now, because I had them moved in about 10 minutes.  They are happily munching on a fresh paddock with grass nearly to their knees.  Beef cattle are different than dairy cattle.  We are not measuring their performance by how much milk they give on a daily basis, so we can leave them on a paddock a little longer.  They are really eating them down, and that is very good for the soil and the grass and herbs that grow there.  The eight paddocks I'm using for them were pretty poor, but they are already exhibiting the goodness of that hard grazing by the Highlands.  So that is more good news.

My doorbell quit.  (Yes, I know, totally unrelated, but it follows the theme.)  I went out on the internet to see how to fix it, took the cover off, then got interrupted (this was about a week ago), and never got back to it.  Troubleshooting guide said it was not the wiring, but probably the transformer, since neither bell worked. Today when Allen showed up to clean, he rang the bell and it worked.  So did the one on the front door.  I did not question it.  I put the cover back on it, praised the powers that be, and was thankful for more good news.

I was having trouble with my alarm system.  The first person I talked to a few months ago said that it couldn't be fixed over the phone, that I would have to have a technician out (and pay for it, of course).  It has gotten worse, and I couldn't program in a new code for a friend who is staying here.  After many calls, and talking to several different people, the third one called.  I said, "Do I have to tell ANOTHER person the whole story?"  Yes, he said.  He had me go to the panel.  "Push these numbers."  "Now push these numbers."  "Now try to program your new number."  It worked!  You have no idea how happy I was!  More good news.

Okay, here is the final good news.  My friend Lisa, who will be here until the fall, helping out with garden and greenhouse on weekends and filling in to milk every now and then, called after her work day today to tell me she had found POUNDS of morel mushrooms, did I want any?  Is the sky blue?  Is the Pope catholic?  Be still, my heart, soon I will be eating morels sauteed in butter.  What a bedtime snack is that?  BEST good news!!!

Hope your day held some good news as well.

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