Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm ferpused . . .

My mom used to say that she was ferpused when she was very worn out after a busy day.  I have no idea where the word came from, and I am probably not spelling it correctly, but there you have it.  Today, this evening, I am ferpused.

We have had some greenhouse problems - the winter lettuce hogged space that was sorely needed for plant starts, and the temperature was never right - either too hot for the lettuce or too cold for the pepper starts.  Today, I looked around and told Steve that we needed to play catch-up and fast, or we were really going to feel the revenue pinch.  Steve started hauling out flats of lettuce that could be transplanted in the garden.  I grabbed seedling trays and started planting - the end of April, and I'm planting!

I went over all of the poorly germinated trays of peppers and tomatoes and had Steve pot up anything that was worth salvaging.  I continued to plant - and plant - and plant.  I finally quit a few minutes ago, having planted about 1,600 seeds.

Like I said, I'm ferpused.  I just hope that they will germinate and grow fast enough to profit from the late plant market.  These will be nice and fresh at a time when most of the vendors' plants are looking tired and leggy.  I can hope.

Early to bed tonight.


  1. The advantage is that as late as the spring is, no one is getting the plants in early.

  2. Well, that is most certainly true!! I counted 56 of them already germinated. I think we will have some decent plants within three weeks. :)