Monday, April 8, 2013

Our road trip to see the Highlands . . .

Our road trip to see the Highlands . . .to see Highland cows, that is.

Their names are Cassandra and Naomi.  They are six and eight years old, respectively.  We are leaning pretty hard on getting them, but just doing some more number crunching to make sure that all three of us are happy with the results.

Steve sent me a picture, since I didn't have my smart phone with me when we went to meet the girls.  Hoping they will be joining us soon.

On another note, Blackie had a calf this morning.  Another bull.  Steve and I hope to buy it, which would make two certified organic calves in our growing herd.  Here are pics of the new calf, as yet unnamed, and Scrappy, born February 5, 2013.

Blackie's calf, born this morning April 8

Blackie and Baby Bull
Scrappy, getting big!!  Born February 5.

Scrappy, always eating.

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