Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blackie has some post-partum problems

The milker called me this morning.  Blackie is down.  I went out to the barn and gave her a calcium drench, plus a glycerin drench.  Kim gave her a Vitamin B12 shot yesterday, will give her another this morning, plus a good shot of Vitamin C.

She had trouble calving.  Kim said the head and one foreleg were out.  He had to push the head back in, find the other foreleg and pull the calf.  That is stressful for the cow, and it probably contributed to her illness.

Hopefully all will be well.  Blackie is a good girl, throws beautiful animals.  Too bad she didn't have a heifer, but Ebony, her heifer from last year, is a beautiful yearling and will be joining the milking herd next spring.

If you are so inclined, send out prayers, positive energy, light a candle, for our beautiful Blackie.

Update:  Blackie is doing great, as is her calf, Big Ben.  And he is BIG!  He is nearly as big as Scrappy, who is two months old.  No wonder Blackie had such a problem.  Poor thing.  But all is well now.

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