Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Update on Blackie

Well, we almost lost Blackie.  We had to get two bottles of iv fluid.  She was even worse after the first one, on her side, eyes rolled back.  I was at market, and every time my cell phone rang I prayed the news would be better, instead of worse and worse and worse!  About two thirds of the way through the second iv, she finally lifted her head. 

She still would not get up.  I told the guys they had to get her standing.  She had been down close to 12 hours.  Steve said he had a winch, and Kim had some straps.  They each went home to get them.  When Steve got back, Blackie was standing.

All appears to be well.  She is milking heavily.  No more signs of milk fever.  She is getting free choice calcium.  I am hoping that the crisis has passed.  I love that old girl.

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