Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm tired.

It has been a rugged spring.  Steve is doing most of the physical work, but the paperwork has been pretty rough.  Garden orders, new brochures for our CSA for 2013, billing, meeting with new outlets for our products, looking for cattle for our new beef operation, arranging for butchering the pigs, selling everything that we are growing around here.

Milk production is up.  This means making Cheddar cheese, probably every other week.  I started Sunday morning at 4:30 a.m. because the WDHA shareholders were here Sunday to stir BD-500 and apply it to the soil and I wanted to be done by the time they got here.  Read more about that whole process here.  Making and spreading BD-500   It is the only fertilizer we use on the land here.  We had a great turnout, never have had more people at a stirring.  We had back-up stirrers to give people a break, and there were so many here that I think we had the stuff applied to the whole farm within 45 minutes.  And the weather cooperated.  We had a "slice of nice" on Sunday, and it is about time!!!

Yesterday I went to look at four fields that I am going to lease and put under my organic certification so that we have really nice local organic hay and straw for the coming season.  The farmer is happy to have me do this.  If he wants to certify his whole farm, I will have done most of the work for him already.  He has a bunch of small farms, 30 acres here, 50 there, is very shrewd, and he hates Monsanto, GMOs and chemicals.  He knows where the market is going, and is looking forward to working with me on this, but it will require a lot of paperwork.

You know, I really do hate paperwork.  So why has my life become one big pile of papers?  Well, time to get back at them.  Hope you have a great day. 

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