Monday, August 5, 2013

Time management

I am still trying to get through the piles of paperwork on my dining room table.  Every day, it is my priority.  Interruptions start early and by late afternoon, my mind is too frazzled to deal with it.  Today, I set alarm for 5:15, planned to shower and get to dining room table by 5:30, well before the doorbell and the cell phone start their daily ringing.

I got to kitchen and took the cheese out of the cheese press.  Then I drained the kefir - Mike wants two quarts every Tuesday - and was short enough milk to refill the jars to start another batch.  I had to make a trip out to the barn for more milk.  I got orders for four loaves of sourdough rye this week, so I ground more rye berries and added the final amount of flour to the bowl where the sourdough has been rising since last night.  I will finish the loaves tonight and get that behind me.  I headed for the dining room table.

The doorbell rang.  Electric fence problems.  Kim wanted me to know his schedule for today.  Huge order for garden produce for the restaurant, and I still haven't heard from Androo or Justin - will they be here today or not?  Androo said yes, Justin said maybe, but cannot get confirmation from either.  I have Clay and Kim on backup, but Kim's back doesn't allow him to do much in the garden.

The doorbell rang again.  It was Clay, bringing me his time card for last week.  I took care of that and sent him out to the chicken yard with some whey from yesterday's cheesemaking.  When he brought back the bucket, he rang the doorbell again.  I handed him his pay.

The doorbell rang again.  Kim found the problem with the electric fence, wanted to let me know and to tell me he was heading home, would be back again later after he got done with canning.

I am finally sitting down at the computer, opened up my MSMoney file, and am heading for the dining room table.  It is 7:30 am.  I do not have high hopes of getting through the mess.  Sigh . . .

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