Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A birthday miracle!

I was so looking forward to Goldie hatching out her chicks on my birthday.  The day before, the eggs started to hatch.  Oops, did it again!  I forgot to add 20 days, not 21, to the date, since you have to count the first day when they are setting.  I put five eggs under her on July 8, should have been July 9 to hit my birthday.

So anyway, first chick hatched and seemed all right.  I went into the house for my camera, and when I came out, the chick was on the floor of the moop, and not in very good shape.  I put it back in with Goldie, but didn't have much hope for it.  It died a short time later.  A second egg had a ferociously peeping chick in it, but wasn't coming out.  I checked back an hour later, and it was out, but wet and limp and didn't look at all good.  An hour later, it looked dead, but I shoved it back under Goldie and went in the house.  There was still a third egg, but it had no signs of hatching, so I assumed it was not fertile.

When I put the chickens away Sunday night, I couldn't find the chick, or the third egg.  Chickens will eat a dead chick, and they will eat eggs, so I thought the cleanup crew had taken care of things and went to bed, very depressed.

Can you see how depressed Goldie is?

Yesterday Kim brought down two little chicks that had hatched in his incubator that morning.  He said maybe they would cheer up Goldie.  We have a water tank set up in the barn for new chicks and their mamas, so I went to the moop to get Goldie, and Kim took the two chicks to the barn.

I crawled in the moop and heard peeping.  Well, the chicks born June 2 still make a peeping sound, but none of them were around.  And then I saw it!  Goldie had a chick!  GOLDIE HAD A CHICK!!  I laughed out loud.  It is a miracle.  Whether it was the wet chick that miraculously survived or whether that third egg was pushed into a corner so I didn't see it and it hatched in the night, GOLDIE HAD A CHICK!!  On my birthday, no less.  Her name is Little Susie.

Goldie with Little Susie

Goldie, Little Susie and the two adoptees in their water tank home. 

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