Friday, October 4, 2013

Fridays off - it's like summer vacation, only in the fall!

The Farmers Market in South Bend is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, year round.  I look forward to being there.  It is a great place to be three days a week. However . . .

April through September, we are open on Fridays as well.  That extra day seems to push it from a pleasure to a job, if you know what I mean!

On Tuesday and Thursday, Annemarie, whose mother has the booth next to me, opens for me and works at my booth until I come in with the raw milk and market baskets at about 11:00 am. But on Fridays, Annemarie is not there.  Having your booth open on Friday is voluntary, so many are empty. 

Fridays are pretty dead; being late is not a big deal.  I try to get there by 9:30, but I usually roll in an hour later.  The lunch counter at the market is pretty awesome, and we have many regulars who are there every day, so most of my business occurs over the lunch hour.  But that doesn't mean I'm not busy.  It is the perfect time to dust jars on the shelve, do inventory, make shopping lists and sometimes get out from behind the booth and do a little shopping myself.  Friday has its redeeming qualities.

Today is the first Friday off, and it is quite lovely!  I'm playing catch-up with paperwork, and will be heading down to the soap room when I'm done with lunch.  Today I need to make Belly Butter, Drummer's Hands and Organic Yarrow Cream.  It will be nice to have the luxury of getting this stuff done now, instead of cramming it into my evening, or worse yet scurrying around in the morning trying to make sure the products are ready to go by the time I leave.  No late arrivals on Saturday!  I'm out the door by 7:00 at the latest, and it means getting up by 4:30 if I have product to make before I leave.  Ugh!!  But not tomorrow.  I can "sleep in," alarm won't go off until about 5:45.  Yup, I love my Fridays off.

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