Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The chicks are growing up!

Goldie and the Twins have been on their own since Goldie went back to the flock.  We have been putting them in a tote with a lid and carrying them from their nest in the water tank in the old barn to the Moop each night, trying to get them used to being with the flock.  The hens are not very nice to them.  When they hop out of the Moop in the morning, their mission is to find a place in the fence that they can squeeze through, and still being small enough, they find one.  Then they run around outside the chicken run all day, free from the pecking and abuse of the older hens.  Then the cycle starts over again, and we haul them back to the Moop the next evening.

Late yesterday afternoon, I opened up the gate into the chicken run and closed all of the doors into the old barn, hoping that the chicks would go into the Moop on their own, since access to their nest was blocked.   Then at dusk I sneaked out to the Moop to see what was happening.

Little Susie was in the Moop!  Such a smart little girl!!  The Twins were bedded down under the Moop, and it took Clay and me working at it a few minutes to get them both out and put inside the Moop, but we got it done.  We will do the same thing tonight and hope for the best. 

Another batch of chicks is on its way to being part of the larger flock.  :)

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