Thursday, December 12, 2013

Steak over fire

Tonight I wanted to try a recipe for grilled steak with garlic butter sauce.  My grill pan makes a mess on the stove, and frankly it is too damned cold to be grilling on the gas grill out on my screen porch.

Then I realized I have two wood fires going.  I looked them over and decided that the fire in my soapstone stove in the bedroom looked just about right, nice coals, good and hot.  I ran out to the garage and got a small devise for cooking over campfires.  It was my mom's and I was the lucky kid who inherited it.  I brought it in and put it in the stove to get it hot before putting the steak in it (that keeps the meat from sticking).

On went the steak.  The rest is history, including the steak.

Into the stove

Preparing the garlic butter sauce

All done - with a few capers added


Who could ask for anything more?

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