Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My friend the inventor

My friend Mel, helpful and organized person that she is, loves to organize people's houses, including garages.  She had a problem in garages, despairing of trying to organize tools inexpensively, and in a manner that would accommodate different types and sizes of tools.  Straightening and organizing for people when you know the tools won't go back where they came from for long seemed fruitless.

Mel is a manufacturing Black Belt, trained at Honeywell, where we both worked at one time.  She is good.  When she is visiting me, she is constantly looking at ways to improve my work flow.  It is just her nature.  And it being her nature to solve problems, she came up with an invention and (after waiting on the patent) is finally is able to launch her product, just in time for the holidays.  Seems like a great gift for people who have a lot of tools.  I'm thinking of buying a couple to put in kitchen drawers for my kitchen tools that frequently go missing! 

This is such an ingenious idea!  I wish her much success.   Go here to see how ToolLodge works.

I hope many of you decide to try one out.  What a unique gift, for yourself or for that person with disorganized tool drawers. Happy shopping.


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