Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sometimes things work out okay!

Tonight I lost my cell phone.  I had made a call to Kim when I got home from Purple Porch tonight, and I remembered telling him that my battery was about dead, couldn't talk long.

When I went to bed, I was going to plug the phone in to recharge the battery but couldn't find it.  When I called the number from my home phone, I didn't hear it ringing, so I assumed that the battery had gone completely dead.  I searched everywhere for nearly an hour.  I retraced my steps, or so I thought, but still it eluded me.

I just couldn't go to bed with the phone lost.  Every time I tried, I would lie in bed for two minutes, then pop out of bed and search some more.  Finally I went to my computer for a little help.

My phone is a Galaxy Nexus, and I was pretty sure I set it up with a locator app when I got it, but I had not saved any information on how to access it.  So I Googled how to find a lost cell phone with dead battery.  One person mentioned going to  I did and I followed the directions. 

I had to check in with my Google account password for an Android phone, which is what I have.  Up popped a map.  There was my pond, and my drive, and a big circle encompassing my house and barns, not really much help.  I clicked on the circle and now there was an arrow to the left of the end of the lane, not the right, which is where the house is.  So it WASN'T in the house!  What building is across the drive from the house?  The greenhouse!  I headed outside after setting the app to ring the phone continuously for five minutes. As soon as I walked out the back door, I could hear it ringing.  Yup, in the greenhouse.  And of course, then I remembered going out to check the plants while I was talking to Kim about tomorrow's work schedule.

The map was specific enough that I believe I would have found it even without the ringing. That is one clever app!  Consider activating it on your phone if you haven't already done so, while you still know where it is!  LOL

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