Monday, April 28, 2014

I am glad for the rain, but . . .

We need to put in some new corner posts in the dairy cow pastures.  We had to special order them because they cannot be made of treated wood on our organic farm.  But the rain has softened the earth, and we are looking for some dryer weather to get them installed.

In addition, the deer did their usual number on the fencing over the winter months. Now begins the tedious job of replacing broken or missing insulators and repairing wire that was snapped by deer who didn't leap quite high enough.  Okay, I'll admit it, the cows can do a number on the wires too.

We are staying on top of planting by the biodynamic calendar (Stella Natura is our guide), both in the greenhouse and the garden.  Last year was a disaster, everything late and not because of the weather.  This is as much as I want to say about that. 

In addition, the rain is making the grass grow, and in spite of the cool and rather sunless spring, soon the cows will be milking even better once they are on their diet of 100% fresh, green spring grass.  I am swimming in milk, making a three to four pound wheel of hard cheese once or twice a week.  I've been making a lot of Cheddar, but made Caerphilly, a Welsh cheese, the last two times.  Today it is Colby.  Maybe then I will go back to Cheddar, since it is pretty awesome.  I broke open a wheel that went into the cheese cave on August 2, 2013, and it is very nice, very nice indeed!

Well, back to work schedule for next week.  Never a dull moment on a farm in the spring.

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