Sunday, January 24, 2016

I'm looking for a dog . . .

I miss Ayn Chee so much, and so does Tashi.  Not sure which of us needs a new pup more.  I have found several at various animal refuge places.  A friend has one dog from a rescue of 166 animals from a hoarder.  Good grief!  Why do people do that?  She works with Heartland, and they are taking 10 of the 166,  More are coming and in that 10, there might be the perfect dog for me and Tashi.

In the meantime, I am continuing to look.  I really liked one little guy who is at Pet Refuge, but I think someone beat me to him.  I am waiting to hear from them on TJ.  I liked his story, same as Ayn Chee's, being shuffled from place to place, wondering why no one wants him.  That really touched me.  No one wanted Ayn Chee, either.  But I did.

Last night, I took another e-tour through Pet Finder, and there was a new pic of a small older dog who could be Ayn Chee's twin.  He is at the Humane Society right here in Mishawaka.  He looks so much like her that it is uncanny.  The family he who brought him there has a new baby who is allergic to him.  His name is Brady.

I am going to go to see him as soon as possible, knowing there is some danger in getting a "replacement" dog.  No animal could truly replace Ayn Chee, but I also know that the Humane Society does not keep animals long, and he is in danger of being euthanized quickly.  I know from experience.

Tashi was a runaway (or was dumped) who showed up on the doorstep of a friend of a friend.  She already had two large dogs and didn't want her.  Being a dog groomer, she cleaned her up and took her to the Humane Society in Plymouth. The mutual friend had already tried to get me to take her, and I refused.  At the time, I had two dogs, two cats and a parakeet and didn't need another animal to care for.  According to the mutual friend who brought her to me (after illegally adopting her from the Humane Society knowing he wouldn't keep her and knowing I would probably bend when confronted with her impending death), they were going to euthanize her after only three days there.  That seems a pretty short time to try to find a home. And of course, I bent, and Tashi came into my life.  Here is a pic of her right after I got her, in October of 2007.  Vet thought her to be about a year old, which means she will be turning 10 soon.

Tashi is sleeping at my feet right now, snoring softly.  She rarely leaves me since Ayn Chee crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She is lonesome.  Last night, she again slept with her head on my shoulder for part of the night.  This is new behavior, just since Ayn Chee is gone.  Before that, she slept on the floor beside the bed, or sometimes on the foot of the bed.  She needs to be very close to me now.

There are so many dogs that need homes. I can only take one.  Wish I could take them all.  It is so heartbreaking to think of all of these unwanted dogs in the world.  All they need is love.  If you have room in your home and your heart, think about taking one in.

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  1. Brady is so cute. So was the first pic of the one that might have a home already. I was under the impression that the human society in Mishawaka was a no kill shelter when did they change. I know u will pick the right one and it will have an amazing life and home.