Sunday, January 31, 2016

If I hadn't lost my grocery list . . .

As many of you know, I have been looking for another dog since I lost my dear Ayn Chee.  At first I thought, "No, no more dogs."  But both Tashi and I were suffering from the loss.  I know my depression was adding to hers.  She is very sensitive to my feelings.

I finally decided to get another dog.  There are a lot of dogs out there than need a home, right?  Well, yes, but . . .

My friend Zae works with Heartland Small Animal Rescue and told me about a hoarding situation, in which 166 dogs were found in deplorable conditions.  Zae is fostering one named Millicent, and I thought that might work.  There was a second one from that group, Yoda, that I was interested in as well.  In the meantime, I was looking through Pet Finder.  I found several terriers, but every time I tried to get in line for one, it was gone.  I decided that since the terriers all went so fast, I would concentrate on these bigger dogs from the hoarder that might be harder to find homes for.

Last Wednesday, we met Yoda.  Tashi let her know what she thought of her - she growled and lunged.  We did take a walk, with her foster parent keeping her a good ten feet away.  But any closer than that, and Tashi had her teeth bared.

Friday we met Millicent, this time on common ground in a park near Zae's home.  We walked on different sides of the street to the park, then entered the park together.  Same story - Tashi lunged, growled, bared her teeth.  We walked them for a bit, keeping some distance between them.  But it was no go.  I tended to agree with Zae that Tashi didn't really need a dog.

I gave it one more try, taking Tashi into the backyard and having my neighbors Georgia and Mike bring over their Aussie.  Tashi met Boogeloo when he was a pup just to make sure there would be no problem, given Tashi is an alpha, if he wandered into the yard in the future.  All went well when they met.  So how would she react to nearly full-grown Boo?  Is it ALL dogs, or just these two from the hoarders? Answer - after some initial friendliness, again Tashi growled and lunged.  Message received - no more dogs here.  Sigh . . .

I had made an appointment a couple of days ago to have Tashi meet a terrier, Figgy Pudding, at Pet Refuge on Sunday.  But given what had happened with the other three dogs, it seemed prudent to cancel it.  I had written the volunteer's personal cell phone number on a piece of paper so I could call her if I had to cancel for any reason.

Where was that paper?  Wasn't it written on the back of the grocery list?  Gone, gone, gone.  And so I packed Tashi in the car, went to Pet Refuge and went in to explain to Molly, the volunteer, that Tashi wasn't accepting any dogs.  I apologized for losing her number, told her I had Tashi in the car but I thought it was no-go.

Molly introduced me to Kristen.  She said Kristen had a way with animals, was very good at "meet and greets," and she had asked her to join us since I had told her that Tashi was an alpha dog when I first went there.  So I decided to give it a shot, although my hopes were not high.

First Kristen took Tashi in a room where she couldn't see me.  Then Molly joined her with Figgy, both dogs on a leash.  There was no excitement (that's a good thing!), and after a few minutes, they brought both dogs into the room where I was.  Then they handed Tashi over to me and we took a walk through the cat room.  One minor growl from Tashi when Figgy tried to get too personal on the first date, and he backed off.  No fighting.  Then we went outside.  After five or so minutes, we switched leashes and I walked Figgy while Kristen walked Tashi.  Still no problem.  Then we went into a large pen and we dropped Tashi's leash.  No problem.  Then we dropped Figgy's leash.  No problem.  Then they met and sniffed and peed on top of each other's spots.  No problem!  Then I picked up Figgy right in front of Tashi to see her reaction.  No problem!!  Tashi and I had a dog!!!!!

They are getting along beautifully.  We took a nice long walk with the two of them walking side by side, just like Ayn Chee and Tashi used to.

If I hadn't lost the grocery list, I would have called Molly and cancelled the appointment.  And I wouldn't have a dog.  You just never know where happenstance is going to lead you.  This time it led me to a very good place indeed!

They met and they got along!

Tashi and I have a dog!

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  1. So glad you were able to get another dog. She sounds cute.