Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why are my machines always pickin' on me? And I'm not Charlie Brown . . .

Everything is breaking around here! I make my own distilled water, have used the same Waterwise unit for over 20 years. Yesterday morning, the cord from the top unit burst into flames where it plugs into the water tank, burning through the laminate on my new counter top in the soap room.  What a mess to clean up!  Soot eveywhere, in about a foot circle around the site of the mishap.  Thank goodness for built-in safeguards.  Surrounding damage was minimal, as it immediately shut down, but phew, it stinks!!
A new one is ordered, but it's not here yet. I still have one gallon of distilled water on hand, but I hope the new machine gets here soon! Not only is distilling at home cheaper, but I use at least three gallons of distilled water a week, and I don't want to have to haul it from the store.

And then, my scale that measures down to 0.1 ounce died within an hour of the fire. I've resurrected it twice, but this time all efforts were for naught. New scale ordered, still haven't even gotten a shipping notice. It is the scale I use to fill boxes of Trail Mix, one box at a time to make sure that the ingredients are evenly distributed.  Fortunately I just filled a bunch of boxes, so I'm probably good for a week or so.  

The bluetooth keyboard for my smart phone died.  I bought a warranty, but I found out that Staples doesn't handle the warranty.  I had to contact the warranty company direct, then found out that it was still under manufacturer's warranty, so I had to go to them.  It got sent back this week, and hopefully a new one will be forthcoming.  I do not do well typing with my thumbs on my phone, and I just love that keyboard!

In addition to the scale I have ordered, I have one that measures to 0.1 gram and 0.01 ounce, which I need for my essential oil business.  Well, it works fine - if I put new batteries in it every time I use it.  The auto shut-off works, but it is always dead the next time I get it out.  I guess I could have been pulling the batteries out after each use, but that is not what I bargained for when I bought it.  Same problem, the vendor I got it from doesn't do the warranty.  They were good enough to send me a copy of the receipt and the warranty (I had no idea what I had done with them), and it too went into the mail to the manufacturer this week.

Sigh - why are my machines always pickin' on me?  I really do feel like Charlie Brown today.

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