Sunday, February 7, 2016

The magic of family

Today, my family was here for dinner, including my great granddaughter Natalie.  Her mom and dad, Bethany and Bob were here, and we celebrated Bob's birthday.  In addition since Bob's job meant they couldn't be with us for Christmas, we gave them some belated Christmas gifts.

And what a feast we had!  Turkey, dressing, scalloped oysters, mashed potatoes & gravy, salad, and homemade French bread.  I made an apple pie, and Joe made this fantastic cheesecake concoction surrounded by graham crackers and chocolate chip cookies. 

We took a long walk, since my new dog Figgy needs to be walked often.  He is still not quite housebroken.  So it was an excuse, and we enjoyed the walks.

Kate, Andrea, Figgy , Val & Tashi taking another walk

The weather was quite nice -- no sunshine but really almost balmy.  Natalie got to sit in grass for the first time, and she was a bit puzzled by it, but she got with the program.

Natalie crawling in grass for the first time

Natalie - "What is this thing?"

My son Jim (Bob's dad and Natalie's grandfather) was here, as well as Joe and Kate, Bob's siblings.  Abby, Bob's other sister, was on duty in the emergency room this weekend, so she couldn't be here.  Kate enjoyed holding Natalie.  Here are a couple of my favorite pics of the day.

Grandpa and Natalie

Aunt Kate and Natalie

 My daughter Val and her youngest daughter Sarah made it, too.  Val's husband Mike had to work, and two of her daughters were away.  Kate's special friend Andrea joined us as well.  He regaled us with stories of his experiences here in the USA.  He is from Italy and of course brings a different perspective to our conversations.

Andrea and Val in deep conversation

Anyway, just about everyone made it, and we had a lovely and very noisy time.  I'm not often blessed with their presence here; it's much easier for me to go their way than for them to come mine.  However, as the kids are growing up and on their own, we are so spread out that it really doesn't matter so much where we meet anymore.  I am hoping that they find their way here again soon.

Figgy was a great hit, and I made sure he didn't go home in the pocket of one of their coats.  He was very much in demand.  Kate and Val pretty much fought over who got to hold him all day.  Spoiled little boy he is!

Val & Figgy.  No, Val, you cannot take him home!
You can't, either, Kate.

Well, that is what happened today at the river house.  It's awfully quiet this evening, but the memory of their laughter and chatter is hanging in the air.  One more load of dishes into the dishwasher, and then we are heading to bed, a nice finish to a great day.

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