Friday, March 4, 2016

Super Dog!

Last night I sat down and wrote a thank you letter to the two women who facilitated Tashi's meeting with Figgy.  If it hadn't been for them, if they hadn't shown wisdom, love and patience, Tashi the Terrible would not have gotten her new friend.  After Tashi's meetings with three different dogs, each of which ended in her lunging at them and letting all know in no uncertain terms that she didn't want them anywhere near her, these two women were the miracle workers who made it happen.

A little background - when I lost my terrier Ayn Chee to cancer in January, Tashi went on a hunger strike.  As she was just recovering from a serious bout of SIBO (having lost 30% of her body weight before it was properly diagnosed and treated), she needed every bite of food, but she would only eat if I sat on the floor with her and literally spooned it up to her mouth.  After a few bites, she would walk away.  She lost three precious pounds in two weeks.  How do you get a mourning dog to eat?  Maybe Super Dog?

March 3, 2016

Dear Molly & Kristen,

I just have to tell you how much I love Figgy Pudding. He is Super Dog. First, I truly believe that he saved Tashi's life. They play together. Tashi lets him eat out of her bowl, while she is eating! They even play, batting at each other and doing fake growls while wagging their tails. She is finally putting on weight, and she eats all of her food with gusto. No spoon feeding anymore.

Here are a few of my favorite Figgy stories. The other night, he pulled his blanket out of the kennel. I put it back in and didn't give it another thought. About an hour later, there it was on the floor again, and he was at his kennel, trying with all his might to pull out the bed. He couldn't, of course. He isn't big enough to tuck it through that little door opening. I thought, “What is going on?” I smelled the bed and blanket. He had peed on them. The little tyke was just doing a little housecleaning. I washed and dried them, put them back in his kennel, and he went to the door and sniffed before he would go in. I burst out laughing! He's Mr. Clean!

He never gets tangled in his leash. He has this little skipping step he uses to unwind himself from the leash. I have never seen another dog do this.

He dances. Tonight, I know he stayed up on his tippy-toes for at least six feet while he greeted me when I got home. So cute!

After just a couple of weeks, he was completely housebroken, and today I let him stay out of the kennel while I went to market. No messes, anywhere! Good dog!!

He bites his nails. My Ayn Chee did the same thing. Maybe it's a terrier thing? I never had to trim Ayn Chee's nails, and it looks like I won't have to do Figgy Pudding's either. I am thinking about training him to make my morning coffee. I do believe he could do it! He is the smartest dog I have ever had!

He has adjusted to the electric fence. That was a hard one for me. But after having him dart out the front door and make it all the way to Lincoln Way, I just didn't want to take any chances with him. He is a fast one! And he has TOTAL RESPECT for those flags in the yard now.

Thanks to both of you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping Tashi to adjust to Figgy that Sunday. He lights up our life.  

Susan, Tashi and Figgy

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