Thursday, March 10, 2016

Too much to do . .

Income tax - still not done.  I have promised myself and my accountant that it would be in her hands by close of business tomorrow.  Maybe . . .

Leaks - there is now a hole in the ceiling of my powder room downstairs because of a leak in my shower upstairs.  We are still not sure that the problem is in the drain.  I plan to take a long shower with a bucket under the drain.  If there is water in the bucket, then the problem is the drain.  If there is none, then the fix that the guy who tiled my shower did this afternoon is the whole solution.  I'm betting on water in the bucket.  Either way, there will have to be some drywall repairs.

My booth at market - good news, bad news.  For winter, business has been surprisingly brisk.  I am working to get caught up on inventory, but I seem to be having a hard time reaching the finish line.  Are people having more sinus problems than usual this winter?  One might think so.  I have several products to address them, and I keep running out of them.

Dog - Figgy, actually.  While he is a very smart little guy, he still hasn't cottoned on to going out the automatic door to relieve himself.  Is he housebroken?  Well, sort of.  More like his mama walks him so often that the indoor mistakes are few and far between.  I long for the day when he is as good as Tashi is - and Ayn Chee was.  All of those walks are taking their toll on me.

My foot - I have tendinitis in my right foot.  Ouch!  The first three or so walks are just fine.  By the fourth, I am in pain!  How am I going to walk the streets of Paris in pain?  

Speaking of Paris, my second language - right now, I am sick to death of French!  French Meet-up at Barnes and Nobles every other Thursday, conversational French at Forever Learning every Thursday, French Canadienne Radio in my car, meetings with a tutor every Monday and every other Thursday, and Pimsleur lessons on my smart phone.  Je suis tres, tres fatiguee!  

Speaking of smart phone - really?  What is smart about a phone that loses calls in the middle of South Bend.  AT&T informs me that the phone I bought last September is already out of date, and they basically didn't promise me a rose garden.  It can't keep up with the updates, or so they say, and so it is failing.  I still owe $580, and now I get to buy another one!  Or go to Verizon, who will give me $650 for switching.  Not a hard decision.  

The other stuff - what do I do about internet, TV, a home phone (which I need in order to call myself when I lose my cell phone)?  

I just do not have time to deal with all of this.  Another time.  I'm going to bed.

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  1. Hoping things get better for you. Sorry about your foot problems