Monday, July 11, 2016



I found the wasp nest. I thought I had checked out the grill and sprayed it well enough, but yesterday when I grabbed my spatula off the hook to flip my lamb burger, several wasps came flying out of a hole near the hook. I ran in the house. Couldn't spray while meat was cooking, but I sneaked out and got the burger off the grill and then sprayed the critters. Another little house since I took care of the last one a couple of weeks ago. They have been busy as bees -- or wasps. Sigh . . .


This Roomba is so much better than my old one! She is in the dining room now. Company coming for dinner tonight, so she is going to be busy all day. It takes her about an hour to do dining room and kitchen, then another hour to do living room. She has to go back to the charger between jobs. Last but not least, I will haul her upstairs. It will take her about an hour and a half to do my bedroom, bathroom and upper hall landing. Love her!!!!


I do at least one load a day. It will be two today because I'm about to go downstairs and make soap. I cannot imagine life without a good dishwasher. Bosch - they make the best. Quiet, and the dishes only need a quick rinse to get any loose bits off. Then it does what is supposed to do - wash the dishes. :)

Washing machine:

Only one load to do today. It's working on it. When I was a new bride in my 12-room farmhouse, I used a wringer washer, no dryer. Nope, I don't want to "make America great again." Men have no concept of what women contributed to the running of a household in the last century.

Soap Room:

There is plenty to do in the soap room today, but it is good to have it so well organized here. At the farm, not so much. Here, everything is close at hand. Even my soap molds are well organized now. Here is a pic of my new setup.

Soap molds - easy to find which ones I want!

So good to have my machines. Allen reminded me that I called my old Roomba Hazel, which will be appreciated by those old enough to remember the TV show that featured a maid named Hazel. My machines are my Hazel. So very thankful for them.

I'm watching the morning sun creep across the yards as I write. So beautiful!

Have a good day. I will.

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