Monday, July 18, 2016

The yard is getting a make-over

I am so happy. I finally found someone to do yard work. This is the year of "The Outside of the House," and it was sorely overdue. Foundation is painted, deck is stained, window ledges are covered in vinyl, front door is trimmed out, exterior lights are installed and the dog tunnel that leads into the basement has been sided and roofed.

Look to the left for dog run pre-makeover
All done! Hal did a great job of siding and roofing for the kids.
Now for the yard!

Down both sides of the foundation, tree stumps are disappearing, weeds and rocks are going, and Antonette's overgrowth of lily-of-the-valley will find a new home! The two old flower beds are going, will be seeded over with grass, low spots in the yard will be filled, and the only things remaining will be the apple tree and two flowering quince bushes. It will be much easier to mow, and my stacks of wood for bonfires, already laid for Lughnasadh and Mabon, are growing.

Nick and Jake working on west side of foundation
East side of foundation, where lily-of-the-valley will go
Old flower bed - it's gotta go!
Lily bed doesn't bloom much, this will be grass, but the flowering quince will stay.

The Rose Garden remains for me to work in. There is one rose bush in the mess that is worth saving. I'll buy new ones, and they must smell divine. Some of my favorites are Mr. Lincoln, Tiffany and Princess Di. I hear that Double Delight and Honey Perfume are intensely scented. I will be looking for them, have never grown either of them. The Rose Garden is my special place. Ayn Chee is buried there. She will be surrounded by tea roses. Miss you, AynChee. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.

Where Ayn Chee was laid to rest. She will be surrounded by tea roses.

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