Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Out with the old, in with the new.

So another year has bit the dust. Lots of stress for me. I am like the proverbial ostrich with head in sand. I refuse to think about where this country might be going. I can only hope the shakeup works, and not in the way the far Right thinks it will. It has been a wake-up call for everyone, I think.

Some things are going right for me. Finally got rid of the tenant from hell who was basically squatting in my rental unit in Illinois. She is gone - house is empty, keys are back in my hands. Thanks to an improving housing market (and rising interest rates that will push some people into the decision to buy now, before they get any higher), I am going to do a little to the outside of the house to make it more attractive from the street and put it on the market.

My VW diesel Jetta, which is being bought back by VW, has been sitting in storage for a couple of months. Two weeks from today at 9 am, it will go to the VW dealer, I will get a nice deposit in my checking account, and that knotty problem will be behind me.

Tashi is doing great! She has had two bad days since I put her on a strictly grain free diet - one because I foolishly gave her some ends of sweet rolls from the market (Susan, there is grain in a sweet roll!), and another bad day after I fed her a can of Science Diet, which was supposed to be grain free. But either they are using a filler that is not listed on the ingredient list, or there is cross contamination in their factory, because it was a reminder of how bad she was. She is past it. All is good.

I fell on the ice, jammed my thumb and bruised a rib. All pain gone, and I can do Crossfit once again!

Came down with the flu on New Year's Eve. As of today, except for a lingering cough, all is well Temperature back down to normal, body aches gone, sneezing done. I found some prescription cough syrup that keeps the cough at bay for a couple of hours, so I am going to hit the Crossfit box this afternoon. I'll take a slug of cough syrup and go for it!

It's a beautiful winter day! Cold, lake effect snow floating down. The Yule tree is coming down today, all of the decorations too. My house looked really nice this year. But it will be good to clear the deck for the New Year.

I hope that you have a Happy New Year.

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